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  • By Kevin Beck
  • 01 Feb, 2017
Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be a challenging and rewarding home improvement projects. At Cumberland Kitchen & Bath Designer Center, we want to make the process as smooth as possible from start to finish.

Discover Our Past Projects Online

If you’re looking for high-quality remodeling work completed on time and within budget, visit our   portfolio   of completed kitchens and bathrooms. These are all real projects completed by our specialists throughout the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. Our   Before & After page   shows how we’ve transformed kitchens and bathrooms just like yours.

Dream Up New Combinations

Our unique online visualizer tool helps you imagine how the counters, cabinets, flooring, and other features could work together with a variety of materials and colors. We offer interactive online visualizers for both  kitchens  and  bathrooms .

Visit Our Showroom

The internet is a great source for brainstorming ideas, but there’s nothing quite like seeing products in person. Come find us at our convenient location right off the Providence Beltway at 1764 Mendon Road and meet our friendly, helpful staff of designers. Once you’ve gotten started, your designer will meet with you one-on-one throughout the entire process, from the first ideas to the finished product.

Shop The Best Brands

When you invest in your home, we know you want to invest in quality. That’s why we offer top of the line products in cabinetry, surfaces, plumbing, cabinet hardware, tiling, and flooring. We’re proud to be the only Cambria Premier Dealer in New England. Cambria produces high-quality quartz surfaces with a lifetime guarantee, all manufactured in the USA. Learn more about all our vendors   here   and find links to their individual websites.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen Or Bath - ON TIME & ON BUDGET

Your kitchen is more than the spot where you cook - it’s where you gather your family and create lasting memories. Your bathroom bookends your day; the place where you start in the morning and where your day winds to a close. Remodeling such an important part of your home doesn't need to be hassle. Our professional remodelers work hard to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner and within the budget set forth from the beginning.

At Cumberland Kitchen & Bath, we want you to enjoy rewarding upgrades that work for your family, beautify your space, and increase the value of your home. Explore our website, visit our showroom, and   contact us   when you’re ready to get started! Fill out our webform, email us at info@cumberlandkitchen.com , or give us a call 401-334-7317. We’re waiting to help you design and execute the remodel of your dreams!
By Kevin Beck 06 Dec, 2017
When picking the right kitchen layout for your home, there are many things to take into consideration. People’s minds often jump to what kind of wood they want to use for their cabinets, or what type of stone they’ll use for the countertops. But the layout of the kitchen can often be overlooked when it comes to the excitement of the remodel, even though it’s one of the most important aspects of your kitchen.

One-Wall Layout
The one wall layout is exactly as it sounds. Every appliance you need in your kitchen will be located on one wall, which maximizes efficiency. These style kitchens are usually used in kitchens that are short on space, so if you have a smaller home and are trying to make use of every single inch in your kitchen, this may be the best option for you.

Galley Layout
This is another great layout if you’re short on space. A galley kitchen is made of up two parallel counters, which allows you to maximize space while also having the opportunity to create some entertainment space while you’re at it. Keep in mind the aisle space, lighting, and storage when discussing this layout for your kitchen. While the layout makes working in the kitchen extremely accessible, you want the aisle big enough to work comfortably, all while having enough storage.

L-Shaped Layout
No matter what size kitchen you have, an L-shaped layout could be a perfect fit. This layout is very versatile, and is created by two sections of countertops coming together to form an “L” shape. Whether you have an island added in or not, this layout can be great for entertaining because of the breakfast bar opportunities.

U-Shaped Layout
This layout is a great way to make a statement in the kitchen. Guests won’t want to leave the room, which is fine because of the ample entertainment and cooking space. Another great thing about U-shaped layout are that they too are versatile when it comes to the size of your kitchen. This layout helps maximize productivity in the kitchen, and creates great flow from the sink, range, and refrigerator.

If you’re looking to completely transform your kitchen into something new, but don’t know where to start, let Cumberland Kitchen and Bath help you out! We’d be happy to point you in the right direction, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Give us a call today at 401-334-7317, or visit our website.
By Kevin Beck 30 Oct, 2017
Whether your taste is cozy or classic, modern or traditional, creating the desired atmosphere for your kitchen is an important goal when it comes to choosing an ideal seating arrangement. Kitchen tables and seating bring people together, whether it’s over a meal or a steaming cup of coffee. Read on to find your desired look, atmosphere, and setting to update your kitchen with the latest seating trends!

Comfy and Cozy

With winter right around the corner, comfortable nooks mesh perfectly with the upcoming season. Built-in benches, rather than separate chairs, help to create a cozy coffee-shop look . Placing comfy cushions on the benches for a friendlier atmosphere in an alcove or corner in your home can quickly and easily turn your dinner table into a relaxing breakfast nook! Wooden benches with cushions placed on top will look and function like booths, so you can snuggle up with your cup of coffee and your favorite book! Choosing booth seating over chairs provides:

  • Extra storage within the benches
  • Versatile seating arrangements and looks
  • An artistic appearance
  • Relaxing places to sit
  • Enhanced ability to easily change up your color scheme by swapping out cushions and pillows

L-Shaped Nook

If you have a larger space to work with, this trend is definitely something for you to consider. An L-Shaped nook in your home is the perfect place for a breakfast area that’s less formal than a traditional dinner table. If you like the cozy look of a kitchen booth, this provides a larger space for even more pillows! Kitchen Designs  recommends a fixed or freestanding pedestal table, mainly so people don’t hit their legs getting in and out. If you have a larger family or if you plan to entertain a lot, you might want to consider a movable table for easier cleaning purposes. We generally recommend at least a 21” seating width for each person, along with a seat depth of 18” to ensure that everyone is able to sit comfortably!

Update your kitchen today and get that cozy look for the winter! Cumberland Kitchen & Bath has the experience and tools to help you create a new, beautiful kitchen! Our friendly staff is ready to accommodate your needs to create the kitchen you have envisioned. Ready to update your kitchen today? Give us a call at 401-334-7317! Or visit our website at www.cumberlandkitchen.com !
By Kevin Beck 30 Oct, 2017
It’s classy, it’s timeless, and it’s versatile. Tiling in bathrooms can create chic, effortless looks as well as unique and creative spaces. While tiling is a staple in most bathrooms, tiling trends are continuously evolving. Thinking about revamping your bathroom’s look? Check out some of 2017’s hottest tiling trends.

Brick in a bathroom? Who would have thought. While not technically tiling material, brick is one method to achieve an interesting, unique look for your bathroom. With the rustic and industrial-chic trends continuing to remain hot on the home-trends list, adding exposed brick to your bathroom will provide a modern update to your space.

Move over rectangle and squares, there are a few new shapes in town. Geometric tiling can be used not only as flooring but as a backsplash for your shower, toilet, or even walls. The patterning creates an effortless, trendy look for your space. A must-have for anyone who derives pleasure from order and organization.

Black Grout
Wait what? Don’t we have a closet full of cleaning products to avoid that? Think again. Black grout creates an edgy, refined look for your bathroom. This look is exceptionally chic when white tile is used. Not to mention, now you’re saving time and money not having to scrub away stains.

Glass Tiles
Not just for beach houses anymore! Glass tiling can turn your dark, drab space into something bright and beautiful. If you’re worried about glass tiling looking too nautical, simply avoid blue hues and go for other soft or bold colors.

Dark and Bold
Most homes stick with whites or soft greys for bathroom flooring and walls; however, this year is seeing bold blues, yellows, and pinks as well as dark and bold tiling for flooring or accent walls.

Cumberland Kitchen and Bath wants to help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Our trained staff will accommodate to your needs and help you every step of the way. We offer a variety of services such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, design, and renovation. For more information about Cumberland Kitchen & Bath visit our website cumberlandkitchen.com  or give us a call at 401-334-7317.

*image courtesy of KuDa Photography - Darius Kuzmickas
By Kevin Beck 16 Oct, 2017
When you walk through the doors of Cumberland Kitchen & Bath, you will be greeted with friendly and knowledgeable kitchen & bath experts who want to help you turn your house into a home. Our design team will work with you to bring your vision to life. We will work and help you throughout the entire process, from measuring and designing, to putting the final touches on your finished kitchen bathroom remodel. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and styles. Open kitchens have been on the rise since the 90’s. Not only are they a visually appealing design choice, but they will help save you money.

Why Choose Open-Concept
Thinking about remodeling or designing a new kitchen? If so, it’s highly suggested to look into an open kitchen concept. Open-concept kitchens are more social than a traditional kitchen. It makes entertaining much easier for the host as you can easily socialize with guests while you cook instead of changing from room to room. Open-concept kitchens are also much more family oriented. If you have small children and need to keep a constant eye on them, an open kitchen might be something to consider. Being able to watch your children while cooking or cleaning up will put your mind at ease knowing that they are staying out of trouble and allow you to finish tasks quicker. Finally, natural lighting will flow through your house with an open-concept kitchen. Along with the lighting, air flow is a lot better and less expensive when it comes to heating and air conditioning due to reduced number of rooms. All in all, an open-concept kitchen is a beautiful way to open up your home and create a more efficient entertaining space.

Cumberland Kitchen and Bath wants to help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Our trained staff will accommodate to your needs and help you every step of the way. We offer a variety of services such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, design, and renovation. For more information about Cumberland Kitchen & Bath visit our website cumberlandkitchen.com/  or give us a call at 401-334-7317
By Kevin Beck 29 Jun, 2017
Looking to update and modernize your kitchen? Feeling cramped and want some more space for cooking and family time? An open kitchen is a kitchen not divided from other rooms within the house by interior walls. It opens you up to the dining room and kitchen table, making it easier to bring food from room to room. The pen kitchen concept has risen in popularity over the years. It’s great for entertaining, opens the entire home up, and encourages easier socializing during hosting and family time. Overall, open-concept kitchens add a more family-oriented atmosphere. There are many more benefits to an open kitchens. Cumberland Kitchen & Bath can help you make the change today! With our qualified employees, we can design the right plan for you that will make your dream kitchen a reality.


There are multiple benefits of an open kitchen that accommodate to many different lifestyles. A few include

  • Easier Entertaining : You don’t have to run back and forth from the entertainment room to the kitchen because the kitchen and entertainment room are now one room.Being in the kitchen won’t hide you from the rest of the house, therefore making you able to be around people while you cook.
  • Caring for Kids: Watching little ones gets easier when there isn’t a wall blocking your view. Cook and clean while the kids watch TV or play in the living room. With little kids running around the house it will get cramped in a small area if you don’t have an open kitchen
  • Airy Atmosphere: Open-concept kitchens do so much more than provide ideal functionality for parenting and entertaining. They create an open, relaxing space that gives you the opportunity to create a flow throughout the home through decorating.
Make the switch today! An open kitchen might be exactly what you need. Your overall style and aesthetic should be taken into consideration when remodeling or designing. Cumberland Kitchen & Bath will accommodate to your needs in creating the perfect kitchen! With our years of practice and expertise we can ensure you that you will love the results. “The kitchen is more than just a place where you cook. That's its inherent function. We believe it's real function is bringing together the family. It's where you will cook, entertain, have kids do their homework and most importantly, create long-lasting memories.”

For more information visit our website at  http://www.cumberlandkitchen.com/  or give us a call at 401-334-7317
By Kevin Beck 05 Jun, 2017
Looking to spice up your kitchen? Cumberland Kitchen & Bath wants to know what you have in mind to begin your new project! We will listen to your wants and needs to create a practical, beautiful kitchen. A meeting to begin the planning process will need to be scheduled before we start building and remodeling. Cumberland Kitchen & Bath is up to date on the latest Kitchen Design Trends of 2017.
Top Kitchen Design Trends 2017
Giving your kitchen an older look with modern and fresh appliances will create a cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Houzz.com likes to call it “Rustic Chic,” in the top ten kitchen design trends of 2017.
Another trend that’s on the rise, is exotic or patterned flooring. Adding a pop of pattern to your floors will tie the whole kitchen together in stylish way. Make sure to make the floors pop, while keeping the walls a solid color, so it doesn’t become too busy on the eyes. The alternative to exotic flooring, is to have neutral flooring and one wall filled with a pattern. One pattern will open the room up, even the smallest of spaces.
Sage green is in and adds some color, while maintaining its natural-esque appearance. Sage green in almost a neutral color that is easy to match with! Earthy tones and wooden floors will warm up your kitchen. Overall, simplistic and practical kitchens are the perfect way to start redesigning. Less really is more! Smart appliances and efficient storage will make your kitchen look more spacious and be more practical. The top trends all tend to revolve around the idea of simplicity. Soft, calming color combinations with a hint of your personalized touch is what your kitchen needs!
Cumberland Kitchen & Bath wants to help you redesign your kitchen! We will listen to your wants and needs, creating a masterpiece. If you’re interested in any of the top kitchen trends of 2017 visit   Houzz.com   for more great ideas!
For more information about Cumberland Kitchen & Bath, visit our website at   http://www.cumberlandkitchen.com/ . Or give us a call at 401-334-7317.
By Kevin Beck 03 May, 2017

When you think of some characteristics of what might make a home desirable,  you often hear phrases like “open floor plan” and “updated kitchen.” So naturally, combining two of those coveted expressions together into one, and having an “updated, open floor plan kitchen” gives you the best of everything.

If you are considering putting your house on the market and want to add value to its selling price, or if you are simply looking to give your kitchen a much-needed facelift, a kitchen remodel with an open floor plan is a home renovation that is simultaneously a need and a want. And for good reason—the kitchen is the room in your house that generally gets the most use. It’s the focal point of the casual family dinner, the place where your best entertaining occurs, and the site where your most memorable recipes are created. So of course this room should always look its best—and a new look, complete with a sleek design, new appliances, and an open floor plan, is just what the (design) doctor ordered.

However, starting a kitchen remodel can be intimidating for any homeowner. Here’s our quick guide to understanding why a kitchen with an open floor plan is the best choice for your upcoming kitchen redesign.

Understand What an Open Floor Plan Is

While the term may be self-explanatory, an open floor plan space embraces wide open spaces while minimizing small, confining rooms. Instead of having three smaller enclosed spaces, like your dining room, living room, and kitchen, an open floor plan quite literally knocks the walls down and turns three small rooms into one large one.

This first became a popular construction and design trend in the mid 1900’s, when home builders saw this plan as an efficient use of square footage.

Why An Open Floor Plan Is Best

The pros of having an open floor plan kitchen are numerous, but the biggest advantage of an open floor plan living space is the additional space, more natural lighting, and quality spaces to entertain, all while maintaining the square footage and structure of your current home. A kitchen that is easily accessible to your primary living space  makes both large parties and intimate gatherings a pleasure for all involved.

The kitchen of your dreams can become a reality with the help of your friends and experts at Cumberland Kitchen & Bath. Call us today to get the process started! We can be reached at 401-334-7317. You can also visit us in person at 1764 Mendon Road.
By Kevin Beck 06 Apr, 2017

Spring is finally here, and for most of us that means spring cleaning projects. This season, many homeowners are taking the plunge and opting to remodel.  Two parts of the home that many families choose to update are the kitchen and the bathroom. Even small changes in these two areas can make a huge difference both now and for future resale.

Kitchen Inspiration

Are you expecting company this summer? That makes spring a great time to update and renovate your kitchen. A new quartz island or peninsula is both attractive and functional. Beautiful, durable quartz is rapidly replacing granite as the go-to finish for countertops, both in kitchens and baths. Quartz is nonporous, won’t absorb moisture or odors, and is available in a huge variety of colors and styles. Touchless faucets practically read your mind with sensors that respond in milliseconds, while making even the most mundane kitchen task fun! Water filtration units deliver pure, particle-free water, and new features enable you to tackle your toughest kitchen tasks while saving water.

Kitchen updates can improve the traffic flow and make your kitchen perfect for your family. From places for the kids to do homework, to an island big enough for everybody to help with meal prep, today’s kitchen designs truly offer something for everyone.  Smart storage options help eliminate clutter and create a more visually appealing space for you and your guests. Soft-close doors and hidden microwave drawers improve functionality, while exotic wood finishes and countertops create that “wow” factor you crave.

Bathroom Inspiration

Updating or remodeling a bathroom gives you the opportunity to create additional space and improve functionality. Imagine how much just going from a single to a double sink would improve your family’s quality of life! The bathroom is another place where a little modernization can make a huge difference. Water and energy conserving features can offset some of the cost of the remodel in future savings. Want to create a private oasis with a spa-like bathroom? Whirlpool tubs and luxurious finishes provide a soothing environment where you can wash away the cares of the day in style and comfort.

As your family has grown, maybe you’ve discovered the need for an additional bathroom. Homeowners are getting creative here  - adding bathrooms in basements, additions, even garages! With the warmer weather coming, maybe now is the time to add a guest bath or a garage bathroom to make cleaning up after outdoor activities or swimming more convenient.

Cumberland Kitchen and Bath Design Center has lots of ideas to help you create the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Visit our website at https://www.cumberlandkitchen.com or give us a call today at  401-334-7317.
By Kevin Beck 01 Mar, 2017

The kitchen serves as the heart of the home. No longer the province of a lone family cook, invisible behind walls separating the dining and living rooms, modern kitchens bring families and guests together and allow for multiple users at once. If your kitchen feels outdated in technology, efficiency, and style, the rewards of remodeling may far outweigh sticking with your current design.

When deciding whether to remodel, some key areas of kitchen efficiency to consider are:

  • Space and flow: Does your family find themselves constantly bumping into each other when trying to use the kitchen? Chances are, you have an outdated, narrow design. By today’s standards, kitchens feature wider entrances and more room around primary workspaces. Is your kitchen preventing you from entertaining guests or interacting with your family? It may be time to consider a more open-concept kitchen and dining area.
  • Technology and storage efficiency: Today’s appliances often focus on energy efficiency, as well as space-saving designs. Older appliances, such as dishwashers, may be costing you extra money if they use more electricity and water than new models. Pull-out cabinets that store small appliances like coffee makers, the trash can, and even your dishwasher revolutionize the look of kitchens by reducing clutter and saving valuable counter space. Combination appliances and multi-use features save space and time, such as refrigerators that make ice and filtered water, and microwaves that serve as second ovens.  
  • Appearance and materials: Improvements in the durability, as well as a wider selection, of kitchen materials means that you now can personalize your kitchen more than ever. Natural stone, quartz, ceramic, and butcher block counters go far beyond yesterday’s laminate. New flooring materials that offer great value while giving the appearance of real stone or hardwood can easily transform the look and feel of a sterile kitchen and make it more homey. Faucets have also moved beyond stainless steel to encompass warmer materials such as bronze and brushed gold.

Feeling inspired to create your dream kitchen? Try out our  Kitchen Visualizer  today!

With Cumberland Kitchen and Bath Design Center, we guarantee that you will enjoy your new kitchen on time, and on budget. We can help you create a kitchen design that brings your family together, feels just right, and excels in seamless function. For more information and design ideas, please visit our  website , or call (401) 334-7317.
By Kevin Beck 01 Feb, 2017
Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be a challenging and rewarding home improvement projects. At Cumberland Kitchen & Bath Designer Center, we want to make the process as smooth as possible from start to finish.
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